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Cross border rental from UCR











Cross-border rental is a service Universal Car Rent offers to our clients. Depending on your needs, we can offer you  an economical car rentals all the way to Luxurious Vans / Luxurious SUVs. No need to wear and tear your vehicle with long distance travels and get stressed for eventual break down of your car. 

An in-demand service preffered by our clients for several reason : 

  • We provide unlimited mileage with our vehicles.
  • We provide car rental insurance.
  • We provide vehicle replacement in case of an accident or vehicle break down
  • Competetive cross-border fees.
  • Our vehicles can be used to travel to countries like : Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey (European part), Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy .. etc. You can always make a request for a country not listed here.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Our long-term rental vehicles can be used for cross-border too.

You can see some of the fees for several countries listed : 

  • Macedonia : € 60.00
  • Greece: € 60.00 
  • Romania: € 60.00
  • Turkey: € 150.00 
  • Serbia: € 60.00 
  • Montenegro: € 150.00
  • Croatia: € 160.00  
  • Albania: € 130.00
  • North Italy : € 150.00

In case of a confirmation for your cross-border rental, you would need to provide us with a scanned copy of your passport/ID card and driving licence for issuing the nessecary documents.

For countries not listed above, you can make a request on our phone line (0700 89 0 83) or by email (