One-way car rental


Your rental drop off is decided only by you !

One-way car rental is the perfect solution when you have to move luggage for your new home in a different city without returning the car back or when unplanned circumstances occur during your trip. We provide full transparency about the prices and conditions of one-way rentals, so you can fully plan everything about your dream trip

The price of one-way car rental is calculated by :

  • The distance from the original pick up location
  • Type of car
  • Rental period

Example of one-way car rental price :

  • Sofia <--------------------------> Varna - 150€
  • Sofia <--------------------------> Bourgas - 150€
  • Sofia <--------------------------> Plovdiv - 60€
  • Sofia <--------------------------> Blagoevgrad - 60€
  • Sofia <--------------------------> Bansko - 80€
  • For more information about one-way car rental, contact our agents by phone or at
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