Program "Car rental after an accident"

Car rentals after an accident. Rent a car from us!

If you have just encountered an accident with your vehicle and you need to leave it for a repair, Universal Car Rent introduces a new program for car rental after an accident. With this new program you can rent a car on special rates. Our agents can deliver the rental car to an address of your choice or to a car service, free of charge. 

Benefits of using the program for car rental after an accident :

  • Special prices for car rental ;
  • Reduced security deposit ; 
  • Free delivery to an address of yours or car service ; 
  • Option for car assitance on special prices ; 
  • Assistance for insurance claims about the car rental ;
  • Option to extent your rental in case of extended service repair ;
  • Free drop off of the rented vehicle at an address of your choice or car service.

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