Mercedes S-class - the obvious luxurious rental choice

Rent a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with Universal Car Rent and treat all yours senses to a thrilling drive. This model embodies the best of the brand with its superb comforts, high end amenities and top performance. Its luxurious look and feel are reinforced through its elegant, evocative exterior and the fine materials and attention to detail put into its interior design. Besides impeccable style, precision engineering and innovative technologies ensure that drivers will be beyond wowed at the wheel.

Mercedes' pop culture phenom and the most in demand vehicle in the high end vehicle market is also the most popular luxury car rental choice. With all the perks mentiond above, it is well obvious why the vehicle is popular for car rental in Bulgaria. A Mercedes Benz S Class rental is great choice for a number of reason, one of them being the cars powertrain. For such a large and limousine-like vehicle you may expect the S Class to perform as such... But that's not the case as the Mercedes Benz S Class comes most commonly equipped with a 5.0L engine and the incredible 302 horsepower. Another great feature of the S Class is it's luggage capacity, capable of storing luggage for around 4 - 5 adults, while no infringing on space allotted to the massively spacious passenger cabin. If you're planning a vacation and want to guarantee the smoothest, most comfortable ride, the Mercedes Benz S Class should be your first choice, and with Universal Car Rent you're guaranteed the best rates in Bulgaria, so even a car rental as luxurious as an S Class doesn't have to break the bank.